Running projects

At the moment, we focus on:

In general we are interested in the modeling and control of the electrical components of electrical energy systems such as different generator, converter and filter topologies, e.g.

  • doubly-fed induction generator (DFIG),
  • synchronous generator (SG; permanent-magnet or electrically-excited), and
  • reluctance synchronous generator (RSG) with 
  • two-level or multi-level back-to-back converters, and
  • grid connection via L, LC and LCL filter.

Of particular interest for us are

  • a detailed mathematical modeling of the components,
  • a stability analysis of the closed-loop system(s),
  • a robust and high-quality grid integration (e.g. low total harmonic distortion),
  • increased efficiency of the whole electrical system (e.g. inverter/converter and machine/filter),
  • reliability (e.g. fault-detection, fault-tolerance and digital twins),
  • grid state estimation (e.g. frequency, amplitudes of sub-/interharmonics) and
  • a reliable operation under grid faults (e.g. low-voltage ride through).

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