Wave energy converters

Wave energy converter by SINN Power [Courtesy of SINN Power].

This project is conducted in collaboration with SINN Power. SINN Power is an innovative start-up company near Munich that develops and optimizes a patented technology to generate electricity from ocean waves. After wave tank tests and an open-sea test on a port breakwater in the Mediterranean Sea starting in December 2015, the next milestone is the development of a prototype of the ocean wave energy converter. The market introduction is planned for 2016. The project is funded by a grant from the Federal Republic of Germany and strategic investors from the German industry. The short-term goal is to install the wave energy converters in micro-grids on remote coasts to supply hotels or island communities. The medium-term goal is to feed electricity into the grid on a large-scale in combination with offshore wind farms.

Project description: „Modeling, simulation and control of a novel wave energy converter“ 

The present project is conducted in collaboration with SINN Power GmbH. The wave energy converter will use more than 200 permanent-magnet synchronous machines (PMSM). To stabilize the floating wave energy converter in its horizontal position, maximize the overall efficiency and power capture, and increase the safety of the entire system, a fast, reliable and accurate torque control system will be developed (see this video). Moreover, the power flow towards the grid will be optimized. Most important are reliability, simplicity and reduction of losses by intelligent control. For the project, the entire electrical sub-system will be modeled, implemented (for simulations) and controlled.