Our expertise comprises the electrical components of the electrical energy system such as different machine, converter and filter topologies.

Currently, we are working and researching on following components and systems:

  • induction machines (doubly-fed or with squirrel cage),
  • synchronous machines (with permanent-magnets, electrical excitation or pure reluctance principle),
  • power electronic systems (e.g., two, three or five level inverters/converters or multi-level back-to-back converters),
  • grid connection filters (e.g., L, LC and (L)LCL filter), and
  • mechatronic and renewable energy systems (e.g., bio gas, PV, geothermal, wind power & wave converter systems, electric vehicles, industrial drives, HVDC systems and micro grids).

Our holistisch approach considers:

  • an optimales (multi-criteria based) design of components and systems,
  • a detailed (nonlinear & switched-continuous) mathematical modelling in state space of components and systems,
  • a stability analysis of the closed-loop system(s) including controllers and/or observers,
  • a robust and flexible grid integration of renewables considering (i) arbitrary faults (e.g., low voltage ride through, single-/multiple phase faults) and (ii) grid stabilisation (e.g., low total harmonic distortion, inertia emulation, harmonic suppression/active filtering),
  • efficiency of the whole electrical system (including converter, machine and filter such as in wind turbine systems)
  • reliability (e.g., fault-detection, fault-tolerance and reconfiguration);
  • real-time state estimation, condition monitoring and utilisation of digital twins; and
  • grid state estimation (e.g. frequency, angles and amplitudes of all sub-/interharmonics).

More details can be found on the pages Projects and Publications