New publication on „Virtual Synchronous Machines“

We are happy to announce our latest research, authored by Andre Thommessen and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christoph M. Hackl, published in IEEE Open Journal of Industrial Electronics Society.
Our team of the Laboratory for Mechatronic and Renewable Energy Systems (LMRES) at the Hochschule München University of Applied Sciencessuccessfully developed a “Virtual Synchronous Machine (VSM) Control for Doubly-Fed Induction Machine based Wind Energy Conversion Systems (WECS)”.
Replacing directly grid-connected synchronous machines by renewable inverter-based resources (IBRs) leads to new challenges for the future grid stability. For instance, standard grid-following control of IBRs decreases the power system inertia such that new grid-forming control methods (e.g. VSM control) are required for inertia emulation.
The proposed modelling and control of WECS helps to pave the way towards 100% renewable power generation by combining VSM control with efficient operation of WECS and by providing insights to future power system dynamics (based on IEEE 9-bus test system simulations). For more information see