New research project on “Intelligent Filters for Harmonic Compensation in Low Voltage Grids”

A new research project on “Intelligent Filters for Harmonic Compensation in Low Voltage Grids” has been granted. The project will be a joint work with my colleague Prof. Marek Galek and will start in September 2023.

Abstract: The use of active filters will gain significant importance in the future to minimize or compensate for grid asymmetries, and harmonics caused by the increasing deployment of power electronic devices. This will ensure the quality and reliability of the European electric power system. Currently, reduced voltage quality and grid disturbances result in significant financial losses. In the proposed research project, an innovative and specially designed intelligent, efficient, fault-tolerant, and parallelizable multilevel inverter topology using wide-bandgap transistors and a state-space observer, control, and management concept will be developed, build, programmed, and validated in a laboratory environment. Various novel multilevel inverter topologies and control approaches will be thoroughly investigated and evaluated for their suitability as active filter systems. Based on the theoretical investigations, a demonstrator will be built to prove the technical feasibility. To examine the combination of multiple filters at a grid connection point, the demonstrator will be replicated and tested in the field within the university power subgrid. This test aims at evaluating the parallelization and scalability of the filter topology and the overall grid management, demonstrating the technical maturity of the developed active filters and their potential for commercialization.”